lonely chairs

i don’t know why, but i took a picture of a bench…then another and then another.  my friend steph and i thought it could be a funny photo series of “lonely chairs” haha




visiting the huntington library

i went to the huntington library the other day with my friend steph…she’s getting into photography so she asked me to go with her to take some photos.  i didn’t take much, it was freaking hot and i couldn’t concentrate but i managed to take a handful of cool shots.  hope you like them…



panoramic shot, kinda

below are a couple of panoramic shots that i created by putting a few images together.  although they are pretty old, i still like looking at them.


view from the Eifel Tower in France


off the 15 freeway, leaving vegas

it’s crazy how we see things in frames but when you put the frames together, you get something totally unimaginable.  i guess that’s the beauty of photography, you see what you normally wouldn’t see…it’s like having a third eye.